Bearpaw Two Bottle Cleaning Kit

Bearpaw Two Bottle Cleaning Kit

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The Water & Stain Repellent protects your sheepskin and suede footwear from rain, snow, dirt and stains.

The Cleaner and Conditioner removes tough stains and gives your sheepskin a clean and bright look.

Eraser bar easily removes spots, scuffs and stains. For: boots, shoes, bags and garments. Brush restores nap, removes dirt, and eliminates shiny spots. Fast and easy to use eraser bar removes most stains and spots with a few rubs. Safe on any color.

Suede Cleaner & Conditioner restores, brightens color, cleans removes marks and oily spots.

Unlike smooth leather, which can look great distressed and beat up, suede and nubuck leather just looks old and tired. Bearpaw's Suede, Sheepskin Care Kit contains the tools you need to keep your shoes, boots, clothes, and even furniture looking like new.

On suede and sheepskin use the bristles on the Suede Brush to remove surface dirt.

On Nubuck use the rubber bristles on the Brush. Nubuck is durable but usually not as thick as suede.

Next, use the side fan on the brush to remove dirt and debris from tight spots.

Use the eraser to very gently remove stains and oily spots. Brush away eraser residue.

Shake the container of Suede Care Color Restorer and spray applicator against the shoe. Evenly cover the surface and allow the liquid to dry for about 10 minutes. The Suede Care Color Restorer renews the color (neutral color will brighten and refresh all colors, but does not add color), while it also helps repel dirt and water.

Next use the soft rubber bristles of the Suede Brush to restore the luxurious nap that makes suede and nubuck so lovely.

Experiment: brush the sheepskin with the grain for a smooth soft color or against the grain of the leather for a brighter color and a different look.

  • sheepskin, sheering, suede, suede
  • sheepskin, shearling
  • Kit contains: 1 Water & Stain Repellent for Sheepskin; 1 Eraser Bar Brush, 1 Cleaner & Conditioner for Sheepskin
  • Sheepskin Suede Cleaner & Conditioner restores, brightens color, cleans removes marks and oily spots
  • Suede Water & Stain Repellent repels dirt and prevents water stain.
  • Suede Brush removes dirt stains and oily spots, Restores the leather nap
  • Eraser Made in Germany
  • Gender: Kids
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